Compact and stylish waterproof gear for your phone and valuables.  Multifaceted use in both water and on land.  Seaquatix boasts sophisticated technology with its outer shell made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and a patented lock system.  TPU is inherently flexible and best renowned for its strength, elasticity, ability to resist oil, grease, solvents, chemicals and abrasion. 

Seaquatix is also IPX8 certified* which offers the highest levels of protection against dust, sand and liquid ingress and qualifies as waterproof within the International Protection (IP) rating classifications. 

Unlike other waterproof devices on the market, Seaquatix's technology allows you to use your phone in water and upload photos and videos in real time whilst still keeping your essential valuables secure.  Seaquatix enables you to post instantly across your social media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook so your family and friends can Sea What You See. 

What's more, is that Seaquatix does not just excel in water, but provides the same benefits on land.  Perfect for outdoor activities, travelling, fishing, running, music festivals and more.  Have peace of mind knowing you can protect your valuables without compromising on experiences.  

Seaquatix enables you to capture the perfect moment worry free.  Not just just another waterproof device, Seaquatix is a lifestyle. 


*In compliance with IPX8, your valuables are protected against the ingress of dust and is waterproof. Provided that the lock system is properly and firmly closed, your valuables are (i) protected against water, dust, sand and snow and (ii) can be kept under water for 20 metres for up to 2 hours. Seaquatix's products are not designed to work submerged underwater outside the IPX8 classification range, and if submerged outside of this classification or used incorrectly, may lead to your warranty being void. 
**Please ensure that you test Seaquatix's products before submerging valuables in water.  For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions
***Smart phone screen sensitivity varies underwater.  The touchscreen may not work underwater as your phone thinks the whole screen is being touched.  To record photos and videos with your Seaquatix products underwater, we recommend that you use your volume key or side key for best results. Most phone camera settings have this turned on automatically, otherwise, you can change your settings in your camera to do this.