While holidaying in Asia, Aprille wanted to share her experiences of snorkelling with tropical fish, kayaking through lagoons, sailing at sunset, and swimming in crystal clear water with all of her family and friends, while her travel partner Max wanted to ensure the safety of their hotel room keys, money, and passports.

The solution? SEAQUATIX. 

Seaquatix was born through a love of travel, practicality, safety and never missing a moment.

Seaquatix is a compact waterproof bag that allows for full functionality of your phone, yet enough room for essential items that can be transported with you at all times. 

Whether you love sharing moments instantaneously or never want to leave your valuables unattended, Seaquatix has you covered. 

Capture moments like never before straight from your phone. I love that Seaquatix transforms the way you interact with the world!
— Aprille Lim (CEO and Co-founder)